Apostrophes – Keep or Not?

apostrophe%20quiz%20imageThere’s big discussions about whether apostrophes should be kept or not? is it really going to make such a difference if they’re gone? Personally, I don’t think so.

As an English student I very regularly forget to use them, purely down to speed and trying to get work done quickly and so its easier to just miss them out. I’m sure you go through your everyday life and forget about apostrophes, you’re lying if you say you always use them.

Birmingham council have created a ban on apostrophes in street names, purely down to the confusion of if they’re being used correctly or not. Suppose it just prevents confusion and any argument. However, if we think about the younger people who see these signs, if they have no apostrophes its teaching them bad grammar, similarly I suppose them not having apostrophes at all isn’t much better either. you just cant win.

I’ve seen many times on social media, apostrophes being ignored or misused and people correcting them or ‘calling them out’ on it. But is it really that big of a deal that someone has the time to sit and correct others on grammar when was only a quick tweet. Lets face it, tweets have very little thought about them anyway, especially when thinking about grammar.

Yes, apostrophes are good as they are correct grammar and I suppose they show someone as slightly more educated if they can use them correctly and actually make sense. I suppose it is right that they are used, and used in the right way that is, I don’t think getting rid of them is the solution, maybe getting rid of the people who cant use correct grammar, especially something so simple as apostrophes.


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