Get over it! That’s all am sayin’!


Senior Correspondent at Sky News, Beth Rigby, constantly receives comments on the way she speaks. Talkin’ the way she always has shouldn’t be criticized but should be praised. Disliking a specific accent is something that cannot be prevented but this doesn’t mean that accent is incorrect or less prestigious.

Everyone, in some way shape or form, has access to the media and so it should represent us and include its audience, not make them feel like they are stupid. is it that big of a deal that Beth Rigby doesn’t speak how they wish her to? Are people really that bored?

If a man wasn’t speaking correctly, would it be this big of a deal? I highly doubt this. However, I understand that to some extent pronunciation of ‘ng’ words and pronouncing ‘well’ how it should be instead of ‘wew’ are fairly important but it’s not the end of the world if it’s ignored. Obviously, pedants will pick up on it!

Sir John Reith, First Director of the BBC, believed that spreading ‘correct’ English should still be done explaining how there is a great advantage of standard pronunciation, but surely this takes away a personal identity for accents as broad as Yorkshire. yes, I agree that in certain situations pronunciation is necessary as a way of presenting yourself in a positive way, but really, we should be judged on what we say, not how we say it!

To most people, having a range of regional accents in the media is more relatable to ordinary folk aswell as being much friendlier, not everything has to be highly prestigious. If anything, there is a higher chance of society paying attention if they recognise an accent and seem to be of the same social class, preventing ‘normal’ people feeling uneducated.

Speaking or Speakin’, Talking or Talkin. Does it really matter!


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